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Not a good sign…

The bees are back. Several years ago—five? ten?—I noticed dead honey bees on the windowsills and landings in our building hallways. Then they disappeared for a few years; this year, I notice they're back—always dead and dying, probably because it's hard for them to find their way out once they come in.

They've probably rebounded this year as a result of the proliferation of rooftop beehives in our neighborhood this year; there's even a vendor here in the Sunday Greenmarket selling local honey from the rooftop hives.

In other news, my teeth are on their way out. I had an uneventful checkup at the dental clinic six months ago, and last week I got four bite-wing X-rays that spelled trouble: the doctor there told me I need three extractions and some amalgam (mercury) fillings; she said porcelain wouldn't work with such advanced decay. Why didn't they detect anything six months ago? I got a second opinion.

Peter Silver ( told me I need two root canals and no extractions, but he's expensive: it would be the cost of a used car to have my teeth fixed, and I don't have any money. I'm contemplating selling all my jewelry, which might cover it; if I sell it on eBay, which I might, I'll be sure to list it here as well.
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