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It wasn't so bad

I had Phase I of my root-canal the other evening; as expected, it didn't hurt. I knew it wouldn't, and the dentist said, brandishing a large needle, "Even though the tooth is dead, I'm going to numb the area." I nodded.

I chose not to look while she took out various grinding and reaming tools; the sound was more intense than just being drilled for a regular filling. The anaesthetic began to wear off before she was done, but that was okay; I certainly wouldn't have wanted to be more numb, considering that my upper lip felt like a slab of rubber for a few hours after anyway.

So I have a temporary cap on it and have to go back next Wednesday for more fun. They also scheduled me to continue with my ongoing treatment—like twelve sessions and a few thousand dollars; I had dropped the ball and canceled an appointment last summer, which is why I ended up with this runaway decay in the first place. Live and learn; at least I get to keep my teeth for now.
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