franklanguage (franklanguage) wrote,

SlutWalk NYC!

Today was SlutWalk NYC! I had nothing to do with the planning, but I was determined to go on it.

"I may dress like a doll, but that doesn't give you permission to play with me." "This is what a feminist looks like."

"NYPD—Target Brooklyn Rapist, Not Women" "hijabs—hoodies—hotpants—NO means NO"

"Rape is caused by RAPISTS, not by MINISKIRTS."

As my friend Leslie would say, pole dancing is a real sport!

"I <3 Consent"

This was a very spirited gathering of women (and men!) and the walk started at Union Square, wound around the East Village, and ended up back at Union Square. I took about 200 pictures, so this is a very minimal representation of the walk. We'll do it again next year, and I bet there will be drums, just as at the Dyke March.

"Stop the violence! End to the silence!"

"End with the blaming; stop the shaming!" "Yes means yes, no means no; whatever we say, wherever we go."
Tags: pussy (cat), rape, slutwalk, slutwalk nyc, we ain't gonna take it

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