franklanguage (franklanguage) wrote,

"Union busting is disgusting!"

I'm kind of wiped out; this evening a few of us from Rude Mechanical Orchestra joined the demonstration at Sotheby's auction house protesting the abridging of the art handlers' contracts. (They are represented by the Teamsters Local union.) We got to yell ("Union busting is disgusting!") and play Bella Ciao and other labor-friendly songs. Local 802, the musicians' union was there, but didn't play. There were a lot of Hunter College students, who had marched from their campus at Lexington and 68th. I'm exhausted.

I was struck by the language that's grown up around the Occupy movement; I didn't get a lot of pictures because I was playing—and it was dark—but there were a lot of signs pointing to the elite art patrons as the "1%." I went to this because I thought it would be fun, and it was.

"All day, all week; occupy Sotheby's!" We booed and hissed the people entering the auction house as if they were scabs. (They were.)
Tags: art, labor, unions

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