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Bread and Puppet

So Bread and Puppet Theater is in town for their annual production at the Theater for the New City, and for the second year in a row I'm volunteering in both productions.

Peter Schumann is the director of Bread and Puppet; the troupe is going into its 40th season. Originally based in NYC, the theater was "exiled" (according to Peter) to a farm in Glover, Vermont several years ago, where the artists create, rehearse, and perform.

"Man = Carrot Circus" is the show that happens for Saturday and Sunday matinees; it involves the premise that an upright man rooted in dirt was created in the image of a carrot rooted in dirt. It's the family-themed show that uses local volunteers, including kids from all over.

"Attica" is the play being revived on the 40th anniversary of the Attica prison uprising; "Man of Flesh and Cardboard" is a play about the prisoner Bradley Manning, a prisoner incarcerated for supplying restricted material to WikiLeaks. He is accused of war crimes because he brought war crimes to the light of day.

I took all the pictures in rehearsal because unfortunately you're not allowed to take pictures in performances unless you're press.

[Except for this one, which I snuck: every year at the circus performance, Peter Schumann comes on at the end of the show as a twelve-foot Uncle Sam:]

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