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Surgery sucks

[I wrote last night:]

Today I had carpal-tunnel release surgery on my right hand, and while that should be occasion for an update, there's nothing particularly uplifting, enlightening, or even educational about it right now. My wrist hurts like hell because I was given a scrip for Vicodin® but haven't been able to fill it yet. (Gonna have to go out to the 24-hour pharmacy to get it, I guess.) I'm typing with one hand while I hold the other aloft, because the doctor stressed the importance of keeping the hand elevated above my heart.

I have to make a sling for tomorrow so no one expects me to write or do anything with my right hand. Even today, when I was taking the stairs in the subway and keeping to the left, people were pissed off that I didn't keep with the flow of traffic, not realizing how hazardous it would be for me if I couldn't hold the railing. Fun times in the big city.

Well, everything feels better when you get some sleep. My wrist still hurts, which isn't surprising since they made the incision at the base of my hand where all the nerves converge. I took a regular Tylenol, because the Vicodin® was nice but I'm no pillhead. This is going to be an easier recovery than when I broke my [right] wrist last winter, particularly because I have sensation in my right hand. Even when I hold it up—you have no idea how excited I am about that! For years, I've been unable to hold my right hand up for any length of time, and it's gotten worse and worse. I'm itching to play my sax, but it's still in the shop.

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