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I had to have a molar—#31—extracted less than a week ago; the roots had died under a porcelain crown that was put in a few years ago, and no dentist who examined me had told me it was decaying. Now I have a hole in my mouth that I can't ignore and I can't afford an implant—especially not before I get #15 root-canaled.

But the most annoying thing is a vitreous floater in my right eye. There is a doctor in California who specializes in laser removal of them, but…I mean…California. I've never been to California for any reason.

It's like when I was a kid in Connecticut; every few years the gypsy moths got bad, and you'd walk through the woods and these caterpillars would dangle in front of you on their threads. When I'm out walking, that's what I think of, because it's exactly like that; so far it's only one and a few specks.

Next post, I guess I'll have to write something about the Spinners.

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