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Update: re: Vadalyn

Ruthie was right; Larry was the culprit here. I said he was like a babbling brook with no filter, and although I can't really blame him for the things he says, I do.

So I went over to Larry's this morning, didn't look Vadalyn in the eye, started washing out the dog's dish in the sink with the sponge because whoever fed Penny [the dog] last night didn't wash the residue out and it dried overnight in the bowl. I hate that. And there's only one sponge, goddamnit.

Vadalyn freaked and started scolding me because she has this thing about how animals are animals and their stuff shouldn't get too close to people's stuff. There's only one sponge; what do you expect me to do, use my bare hands? (I'm already getting my winter "dishpan hands," with cracks in the palms—and it's only October.)

So I told Vadalyn Larry had told me she had said I was retarded, and she said, "Did I tell you that?" and went on to explain all the kinds of shit Larry talks and how sometimes he just runs at the mouth. Ruthie (padiwack) was right; a lot of the time he just wants to see how far he can push people.

But it's easy to get caught up in it, and Larry knows how to play the disability card. Bastard.

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