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Verizon is still down in my neighborhood, goddamnit! That means my Vonage account is still down--but I'm still paying for it, because they're forwarding the calls to my cell. Meanwhile I'm paying more for my cell because I'm forced to increase the minutes in my service contract and avoid an overage surcharge. This isn't really working for me.

At least we weren't flooded or evacuated--but I'm really tired of having to go to noisy coffee bars and restaurants to catch some Internet. My roommate is smug because he gets a signal in his room; try as I might, I just can't get any kind of sustained signal at home. It makes me mean and angry; but I admit if that's the biggest problem I have, it's not a problem.

In other news, my ex got a girlfriend. This is significant because he was still interested in me not too long ago and even made me a "Hackintosh" a while ago--which he borrowed back for a friend of his some months ago. Anyway, I have mixed feelings about it; I think it's the best thing all around, and I'm happy for him, but part of me is kind of "sour grapes". For one thing, I have to look elsewhere for my Mac repairs--well, I was doing that anyway. We had just started speaking to each other again about a year ago, so it feels weird to get cut off like this. For the most part, I'm happy for him, because we were never going to get back together again.

The race between Verizon and TimeWarner is like the race between the snail and the turtle: Verizon has given us a date of December 10th--previously December 12th--that our service should be restored, and although we've opened a contract with TW, who have said they'd conduct a site survey to see if the location is viable--meanwhile we haven't heard back from them in over two weeks. Hello? This is Manhattan, folks!

Verizon is scrambling to make repairs--I see their trucks on numerous street corners with tents set up and workers feverishly working--and the word on the street is that they had the option to buy the tools they needed to make repairs on their lines before Sandy hit, and they decided not to. That sounds likely, and explains why they're taking so long.

Three Dog Night here on the iPod system or whatever they're playing it on; I wonder how many of the kiddies here even recognize them. G'night all.

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