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The Duckworth project

The Duckworth Project is an Art Concept that leaves all proceeds made from it going towards an Animal Abuse or Rescue foundation of your or our choice anywhere in the world!

We are looking for in between 400 - 500 images.The Subject Matter will be tightly cropped Waist Up Photographs of Males and Females worldwide [ all cultures, creeds and colour, the diversity in it being the everyday body el natural or so they say piercings, scars, birthmarks and tattoos would add immensely to the character styles].

Wearing only bought or hand made animal masks [keeping your identity a secret], which are able to be obtained from any party or novelty store in the world, your self taken shots would be posed against a white or plain wall staring forward [mugshot type format] to keep the whole body of artwork easier to manage. We then Design on your Photograph so they all look the same as seen in the Gallery below.

The Artwork itself would be a wall length piece with 300 + of the best images. Every photo arranged and designed in a Polaroid style with the individual's -
1. First Name
2. Location
3. Country

For those of you who would like to submit your own photographs and add your Country and or to the Numbers please message me through this facEbook account and a forwarding email address will be given.

Warning! If you are under the age of 18 your photographs will not be used.


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