September 22nd, 2011

Roseanne Rosanadana

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Roseanne Rosanadana

Yesterday was Day 5

Inexplicably, even though I took 99 pictures, they appear to have been swallowed up by the one short movie I took. Fortunately I took a few pictures with my phone.

Man seated next to the bronze briefcase man

Back of Roger Manning's head, Rude Mechanical marching band

This was taken down at Zucotti Plaza (formerly Liberty Plaza,) right across from Ground Zero; the speaker is named Jitu Weusi. What's neat is the solution to not being allowed to use any sound amplification: people near the speaker simply repeat the speaker's words and the ripple effect carries the message.

According to hackdeeper on YouTube™:

"Unless someone can better explain it, because there is no "leader" of the protest, there's a psuedo-democratic process [and by "psuedo-democratic process", I mean "a process that certainly seems more closely related to a true democratic republic than the USA"] by which "the floor" (or bullhorn) is yielded to an individual who then makes a proposal (by means of said bullhorn), pausing after each short phrase so that the immediate crowd can "chant" back that phrase. Like a crowdsourced P/A (or wi-fi repeater, or whatever), they broadcast each segment to even the remotest fringes of the crowd of 2,000."