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Dublin, Ireland Bans 11 Dog Breeds - Dump The Dogs Or They Will Be Destroyed

July 11, 2007

Dublin, Ireland Bans 11 Dog Breeds - Dump The Dogs Or They Will Be Destroyed

Dog lovers around the world are outraged at the Dublin City Council in Ireland for enacting one of the most Draconian breed bans in recent memory.

The City of Dublin has banned eleven different dog breeds from Dublin City Council properties - meaning public housing - according to a report in

The Dublin Breed Ban , which is effective immediately having been backdated to July 1st, includes:

English Bull Terriers
Staffordshire Bull Terriers
American Pit Bull Terriers
German Shepherds (Alsatian)
Rhodesian Ridgebacks
Japanese Akitas
Bull Mastiffs
Japanese Tosas

The sponsor of the Dublin breed ban thinks it doesn't go far enough, that's why he's planning to take this breed ban nationwide to include all of Ireland.

Are all you German Shepherd people awake yet? How about you
Rhodesian Ridgeback lovers? Wake up dog lovers! Dublin's City Council also banned are cross-breeds of these dogs or
crosses of these dogs with any other breed.

The breed ban is in full effect now, according to Nick Mays, Chief Reporter for the UK's preminent newspaper covering dogs, OUR DOGS

He recalls that enactment of breed bans in Germany and in the Province of Ontario, Canada were not implemented with the same speed and zeal as the ban in Dublin.

Nick reports that the Dublin City Council wants to extend the breed ban to cover all public places including parks, which would have the net impact of banning dogs that are owned by private property owners.

Meaning! Anyone owning a so-called "dangerous dog" could not walk it in a public park, even if they lived in private housing.

Dublin To Dog Owners: Dump Them Or Destroy Them

Tenants in Dublin public housing have a limited time to try and find homes for their pets - however the Dublin City Council says if "alternative suitable accommodation" cannot be found for the dogs - then the dogs will be destroyed.

The council has taken the step to remove all "dangerous breeds" due to the increasing numbers of complaints from tenants and because of the legal implications associated with an attack taking place on one of its properties.

Executive manager of the council's housing department Michael O'Neill said tenants would be asked to remove any banned dogs but if they failed to comply the council would take them away.

"Our information on these dogs is that that they can be very
aggressive and while they might be family pets, that has to come secondary and would be no defence to us if a child or other vulnerable person was attacked on our property."

Making Criminals Out Of Dog Owners

A reader on another chat board stated that Dublin's public housing or "estates" are well known for rampant problems with anti-social behavior, vandalism and drug dealing.

But here is the question folks - why are we continuing to punish dogs for the sins of their owners ??? And why should everyone pay for the crimes that someone else commits?

It is time to for law enforcement officials in Ireland and elswhere to step up to the plate and do your freaking jobs.

It is time for city governments and law enforcement agencies to stop using innocents dogs as pawns, and it is time to stop criminalizing innocent people based on the breed on dog they own.

The Irish Dog Holocaust

Peter Banks, Webmaster at has registered his outrage and disgust for this ban with the Dublin City Council. He writes:

The Council has been very irresponsible and rash in taking this decision with very little thought for the consequences. The focus should be on the behaviour of the owners and not the dogs and this issue can be addressed with responsible ownership not destruction.

Furthermore, Peter has outlined the desctructive consequences of this ill-conceived plan:

Distraught families and children who have to hand over beloved family pets either for re-homing or destruction with no responsible assessment of the individual dog and its owners.

Irresponsible owners, particularly those who use their dogs for fighting and who breed dogs for the same purpose will most certainly not hand their dogs over and will instead put them into hiding and carry on with their cruel practices even further from the public eye. Amnesties will be offered by councils to those owners to hand their dogs over and this will fail also. Many dogs will now be abandoned or thrown on to the streets for animal welfare organisations to pick up and take responsibility for. These organisations are generally under resourced anyway and this will result in the needless cull of many dogs.

The whole area of fighting dogs is a very lucrative one and it will now be driven further underground and people will make even more money out of this cruelty to animals.

An Irish dog owner writes on Peter's chat board:

I will tell you a story, I had a call from a 92 year old woman yesterday, living in a council house. She called me crying. She is the owner of a German Shepard named Helper. Helper is aged 8. Helper is this woman's hands, quite literally. The woman is arthritis ridden. Her hands are stuck in the fist position.

This dog is trained to do things like carry the paper home from the shop. Wake the woman in the morning by bringing her post to her. Even so far as switching on the kettle for her. And you want this woman to give up her dog, just because she is listed as a dangerous breed???

It will kill this woman if someone looks for her dog, and I mean literally kill her.

Be warned now that if this dog is taken away or this woman is evicted, I will publish this story in every Irish Newspaper that exists.

The dog owner went on to say:

Its co-incidental that this decision was taken after the General Election, well be assured that I and many others will never again vote Labour (or any other party we find supporting this). You have lost a lot of support for your party.

Tell Dublin's Leadership What You Think

Peter is urging dog owners in Ireland and around the world to contact the Dublin City Council to voice their opinions. OK dog owners, sharpen your pencils - and type your emails.

Councillor Kevin Humphreys

Labour councillor Kevin Humphreys said he understands how people can feel discriminated against--but gee--that's too bad.

Gleefully, Mr. Humphreys said he hopes that this was just the first step to banning these breeds nationally. I don't know about you, but I think I'd have to vote Mr. Humpreys right out of office and wipe that smirky look off his face.

In any case--here's his contact information:

+353 087 298 91 03 (M)

+353 01 667 80 97

+353 01 668 68 54 (H)

John Gormley - Minister of the Environment

The man with the ultimate responsibility to make this decision. Address: Department of the Environment, Heritage and Local Government, Custom House, Dublin 1.

Tel: +353 01 888 2403 Fax: +353 01 878 8640

Email: or

Stand Up For The Innocent Dogs In Ireland

Stand Up For Innocent Dogs On August 19th

Join The Vigil

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