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Go Topless day 2014!

Well, Sunday was a helluva day; it was Go Topless Day, a worldwide event. Go Topless Day is observed on whichever Sunday falls closest to Women's Equality Day, which is August 26th. (It's awfully good that it's in summer, and not winter! Brrrr!)

Women in New York City are allowed to go topless in public, but there are still many communities that prohibit the showing of [gasp!] female breasts.

Equal Topless Rights for All!

ascending the steps
Ascending the steps

woman with camera
Woman with camera


guy with pink bra and six-pack
Guy with pink bra and six-pack

guys with cameras
As always, there were more guys with cameras than topless women

more guys with cameras
More guys with cameras

Equal Topless Rights for All poster
Equal Topless Rights for All!


guy with Batman bra
Guy with Batman bra

guy with duct tape over nipples
Guy with duct tape over nipples

In other news, Saturday was the last day for C'est Magnifique on 9th street. After over 40 years, they had been rent-hiked out of their storefront on MacDougal street, and set up shop here on 9th street a couple of years ago. Sadly, business just wasn't enough to support the rent at this location.

This was a family-based jewelry store (since 1959!,) and Alfred was the third generation. That in itself is tragic; I hate to see these longtime family businesses dissolved, and it's happening more and more frequently.


Fortunately, Alfred will continue running his business over the web as Sterling Assault. The site is under construction, but we can look forward to "something quite cool." I wish him all the best, and I'm sure I'll continue to be a customer.

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