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Fwd: GA--4 sweet pits left chained outside need rescue

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Hi all my name is Monica and I'm from New York.

I have gotten to know some of you through email and I know we all have one big thing in common - we love animals!!!

I'm sending this out hoping and praying that someone can help these guys.

I'll try and be short... About a month ago, a few of us got an email about 4 pitbulls who were left chained outside a house in Georgia with no food or water. (Keep in mind that we are not members of a rescue. We just care and want to help.) The cops contacted the owner of the house who said the dogs were her son's and he was in jail... Well she did nothing about the dogs and a couple of nice ladies were able to take the dogs.

They were taken to East Coweta Vet Hospital in Georgia (sorry don't remember the city) and they are still there. The number is 770-304-2600.

They have been named the 4 Amigos and they are in good health. My friends and I have financially supported their vetting and boarding and even got one of them adopted!!! yeah

So now they're down to the 3 Amigos. We have been left with these dogs and the majority of us don't even live in the state. Some involved helping in the beginning have removed themselves and now we are desperately trying to find rescue/homes for them... They deserve it after what they've been through. Being in New York and being new to "rescue" I don't know where to turn anymore... Obviously we've contacted MANY rescues and especially pit rescues but we get the same thing - we're full, sorry... Or we've gotten - sorry we don't take pits (which makes my blood boil...) And I totally understand those that are full but the group of us are out many hundreds of dollars each and the most unfortunate part is the 3 remaining dogs are still boarded at the vet... Can anyone help us??? The staff at the vet have fallen in love with them - they're very sweet dogs...

Please please please help us in some way with these guys... Financially we're shot (and I know you all have been there) and most importantly they need homes....


Momma Cass


** ALSO** There is another baby who needs help. She is an all white deaf female pitty who was being offered in a shopping mall parking lot to anyone who wanted her. This is also in Georgia and as I understand (again I'm not from there) it was likely she would have been taken to be bait - being deaf and all... (I don't like people these days very much...) Maybe one of you know someone who helps out animals with special needs. She's also being vetted right now...

Here are pictures of the 3 Amigos and Bianca. Please email me back if you can help in any way.

Thanks for any help,



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