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I've been meaning to put together a post about the events of the past month, but I just can't—my roommate died about a month ago. It's not like it was unexpected; he had had cancer for several years, and pretty much kept it at bay, until the last clusterfuck that did him in. Cause of death: congestive heart failure, a result of a heart attack several years ago that was probably a side-effect of chemotherapy.

Plus, he was 83, meaning that the only way we would die together would be if we were to die in a fire. Fortunately that didn't happen.

I miss him terribly, though; for the first two weeks after he died, I wasn't willing or able to believe he had passed on, even though I had been at his side when his spirit left his body. I would walk in the door and automatically think he was home.

He was embalmed and cremated, and now his ashes reside on the shelf beside those of Tipper, our beloved golden retriever who passed away in the mid-90s. And that's probably as complete as it's ever going to be.

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