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NYT review of V magazine's upcoming issue featuring plus-size women

I tweeted about this review just now, and got the reply, "Curious to what you think of the fashion spread? My feelings are mixed and complicated after seeing the photos."

Well, having been at or near the eye of the storm my entire life, I find it near-impossible to put into words. I read some comments, including a featured one that "Celebrating overweight women is just as bad as celebrating underweight ones." Well, considering that in the U.S., anyway, most women are overweight, it seems to be a sign of the times: deal with it, chick. She goes on: "Models ideally would be women who ate right, exercised regularly and managed their stress." I'm a vegan, I walk about ten miles a day or more, and I'm still overweight; I have been all my life. (But I have awesome thighs!) I wish someone would celebrate me.

I know the standard for as long as I've been alive has been tiny, thin, and waiflike, but fewer and fewer women look like that. In fact, the first article I ever read about Feral Cheryl, the Australian fashion doll, began with a little girl complaining, "Nobody looks like Barbie." It's a lot of work to look like Barbie, which is probably why so few women do anymore.
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