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The bull won (WARNING—GRAPHIC)

This is a video, so I'm not putting it under a cut; if you don't want to see it, don't play it.

This matador got the bull's horn through his chin and out his mouth; in situations where the bull so clearly wins, I certainly wish they could send him to a sanctuary. Bullfighting is a truly barbaric "sport"—and I use the term loosely—in which they smear Vaseline in the bull's eyes and drive a 4-inch spike into his neck prior to the "fight"—in which the odds are so clearly stacked in favor of the matador.

As I was pointing out on someone else's journal this evening, rodeos are America's bullfights. Even when they find out AT&T is the largest provider of wireless service to rodeos, nobody is willing to give up their iPhone. When I heard cingular (precursor to AT&T) was the largest provider to rodeos and endorsed by the Professional Cowboys' Rodeo Association (PCRA,) I made some noise, wrote some letters, and then had to discontinue my service with them and pay a penalty. It's worth it to be free of them; I won't get an iPhone or iPad until their exclusivity clause is over.

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