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Tuli's memorial service

Tuli Kupferberg of the Fugs died last week; he was 86, so I'm sad, but happy for him that he lived such a rich and rewarding life. (Obituary at

There was a service Saturday at St. Mark's-in-the-Bowery here in New York City; fortunately the ceremony was completely non-religious.

St. Mark's with the hearse parked out front.

Ed Sanders, who co-founded the band with Tuli in 1964, and Steve Ben Israel ("my Christian name.")

Norman Savitt, who produced Revolting News with Tuli. I've known Norman since the 90s, when we were both in NYMUG, or New York Mac User Group. (Remember user groups?) Norman video-recorded the whole thing and got it up on YouTube remarkably fast. Thanks, Norman.

[ETA: Thelma Blitz was the uploader and all the YouTube videos are hers except two.]

Steve with Tuli's daughter, and widow, Sylvia Topp.

Sylvia with Iulia [left], and my roommate Richard; they all used to work in the production department at the Village Voice. (Richard had originally planned to wear a T-shirt that said, "Drugs Is Bad," and I said I thought it would be better to wear a black T; I now think he probably should have worn the "Drugs Is Bad" T-shirt, given what everyone else was wearing.)

This picture was on the wall behind the altar; it's the way we all prefer to remember Tuli.

There were people signing a book and lighting candles in the back room where the viewing was taking place.

There was also this photo-collage of Tuli and family over the years.

Judith Malina and Tom Walker from the Living Theatre were there to pay their respects.

Yes, this is a lock of Tuli's hair; Thelma Blitz, the woman who called herself "Tuli's barber" saved the clippings of his hair to give to people, at his suggestion.

Norman took video of the entire service.

[ETA: Thelma tells me the YouTube videos are all hers except two.]

Most or all of the speakers have been uploaded to the tulifuli channel on YouTube.

At the end, Tuli's son Noah led us all in a song, set to the tune of "Harrigan," but rewritten as "Kupferberg."

The pallbearers then guided the coffin down the aisle and started Tuli on his journey to Greenwood Cemetery, to be buried.

Clayton Patterson was there, of course, photographing the whole thing.

All in all, it was a great memorial for a great friend.
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