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One man's solution to Bloomberg's vendetta against artists

Bryan Close (above) is a photographer who lost his vending table when Mayor Bloomberg declared a war against artists and stripped artists of their First Amendment rights. The artists are currently in court against the city, but the case could take a long, long time.

Because artists who have set up tables—even ones with prominent signs saying "DISPLAY ONLY"—have been arrested and had all their work confiscated, Bryan has built himself a display to wear and carry on his shoulders. (Artists, apparently, aren't even allowed to have umbrellas or parasols at their stands because it brings the height of the display up above five feet.)

This wearable display is a great way to market his work, of course, because it creates interest, and as long as he keeps moving, he isn't violating any rules; after all, he isn't stationary. It must be exhausting on a hot day like today, though! His website is The Light Dynamic and it includes a blog.
Tags: art, artists, bloomberg, nyc, robert lederman

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