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Oral Surgery yesterday—so far so good

Got my first implant at NYU Dental yesterday; that is, they implanted the socket the crown will rest on. They also did the necessary bone graft and sinus lift; the placement of my maxillofacial sinus had been the reason I was first given that I wasn't a candidate for the surgery.

There was some pain yesterday (expected) but nothing I even needed the prescribed ibuprofen for—I explained I have issues with taking ibuprofen, but agreed aspirin wouldn't be a good idea to take instead, as it is a blood thinner. There's also, naturally, some swelling, so I'm happy to use the freezer packs of beads. I also have the tails of sutures on the roof of my mouth as a reminder; these are the dissolving type of sutures, naturally.

I actually was expecting to only be able to eat soup and yogurt, so I'm pleased to have had a scone for breakfast. Still, if I could go back in time for any reason, the most compelling one would be to teach 7-year-old me to floss every day.

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