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Held my nose and clicked "Buy It Now"

Over a month ago, I was standing in a local food store with my sunglasses dangling on a cord around my neck. Well, one end of the cord came loose and they fell to the floor at my feet—and yes, the rim chipped, so I let out an involuntary yelp.

I went to local opticians, and they shrugged and suggested I just buy a new pair. I explained they're Vuarnets and cost over $200, and the style is discontinued; one guy said, "So what do you want me to do?" I had used an online repair service called "Decor My Eyes"—not putting a link on it, because I found out after I had had a different pair of sunglasses successfully fixed by them that the owner is a convicted felon. Uh…no. (His motto is, naturally, "Any publicity is good publicity.")

So I searched yesterday on the web for replacement frames, and found the discontinued ones on eBay, in a handful of colors, and they ship from France. I bit the bullet and ordered them in "Blue Gitan." I just saw on the eBay site that these frames aren't returnable. (And my title comes from my reluctance to order from eBay after being burned once by an eBay seller.)

They appear to be the right ones, the same discontinued style, and I'll find out sometime around the 27th if they're the right ones. I hope some optician will fit the lenses into them and not give me a hard time; I've been having lenses put into plastic frames practically my whole life. Wish me luck.

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