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Well, I got a few sockets implanted in my mouth today, so I'm eventually going to shed this "hillbilly" look. NYU Dental has moved me through a few different students, and they've all graduated in turn. This whole dental nightmare has taken a few years, starting when I was a patient at Columbia Dental, which is where I first had a molar decay under the crown, having to be extracted. (The student working on me was oddly oblivious, and I saw I had to leave.)

(Note: Every chair at NYU Dental faces a notice expressly prohibiting selfies, so I'm kind of glad I got in under the wire.)

I've finally gotten to get rid of the "flipper" I was wearing for the past few years, which gave me a lisp and made it difficult to talk. Now that the anesthesia has worn off, I feel legitimately sore in the mouth, but I'm happy to be making progress at last.

And about a week ago was a 9/11 survivors' forum in which they announced there's now a $10 billion fund to cover the health care of the remaining 9/11 survivors. I qualify, since I was in the toxicity zone below Canal Street immediately after the explosion. The whole city smelled like an electrical fire; you couldn't get away from it. When I went up to upper Manhattan, it still smelled toxic.

I'm gearing up for Inktober, but I'm too tired to post anything right now.

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