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I'm leaving…

This isn't to get anyone to say, "Oh, please! Don't go;" I just think it's time.

Last week a bunch of people dogpiled on me [virtually] for saying something they didn't like. Because I have no friends of my own, I gave up and saw that it was time to finally close my account, pack my things, and leave.

I've watched other people on LJ that I knew had Lifetime accounts finally disappear, and I guess it's my turn. (As an aside, TIME magazine offered a lifetime subscription back in the '20s, back around the time it started, and I bet a lot of the families of those subscribers are using it to line the cat box, if they're even still getting it.)

In the past week or so, I haven't been able to post anything, not that I usually do; but I've had issues in real life that have created friction with this virtual life and I normally would have wanted to post something. As I commented to the woman I sent my first goodbye note to, "When Twitter is a more hospitable place than DW/LJ, you know it's time to leave."

I haven't backed up my entries, so they'll evaporate into the ether—I hope. (I don't think the journal stays after the user disappears, does it?) I wish I were leaving because I have better things to do, but I've had people gang up on me in the past, and it never gets any more bearable.

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