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Fwd: Stephen Colbert Write-In Petition

----------------- Bulletin Message -----------------
From: Stephen Colbert for President
Date: Nov 12, 2007 9:20 PM


To: U.S. Congress

Contrary to popular belief, Stephen Colbert IS running for president. The Democratic "leadership" of South Carolina chose not to let his name be put on the ballot, and in doing so they have taken away an important part of the democratic process: choice. By removing his name, they are deciding FOR us who they think should be president. Last time I checked, that was not how democracy worked.

The American democracy is a farce. With voter fraud running rampant, the archaic electoral process distorting our desires, the inexorable scourge of voter apathy, and dozens of sub-par candidates, it's clear that our system can no longer be taken seriously. So, why not have some fun with this year's election AND make a statement to the people in charge?

Sign this petition and pledge to write-in Stephen Tyrone Colbert for president. It is legal, constitutional, and a perfectly legitimate way to take our electoral process in your own hands. Think of it less as a vote for a comedian and more of a message to those in power that you're not going to play their game this year. If ever there was a time for truthiness in voting, this is it!

The Undersigned

Click here to sign this petition.
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