franklanguage (franklanguage) wrote,

Voter nullification in progress

Well, I got an envelope today in the mail from the Board of Elections; silly me, I thought they were mailing me my long-awaited ballot. Instead, it turned out the poll worker who had processed my ballot request form misread my name and sent back a letter indicating that the voter in question was not registered—and therefore not eligible to vote.

In response, I fired off a short cover letter to return with my second request for a ballot. Although I have a strange, awkward last name that has often gotten misspelled and mispronounced in my life, I have been an active voter in the state of New York since 1980, so this latest slight just pisses me off. (And yes, I'm sending a copy of my tattered voter registration card—front and back—along with the letter and all the copies; I admit I neglected to enclose it in the first place, and I could have avoided all this bull$^%@#$%.)

Although this is a strange, convoluted way to practice voter suppression, I'm sure it's going on in spades all throughout the rest of the country. I'm prepared to go to the polls in person on election day, if it comes to that.

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