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  • Sat, 22:24: RT @Chris_Scheno: @gafaboutthis @MeidasTouch 🗓Final Saturday nite in WH. 👀What they be up to? ❄️Jr.: Double-checking all coke drawers.…
  • Sun, 00:16: RT @feministlib: People out there saying raising the minimum wage to $15 will make groceries more expensive are arguing poverty is an essen…
  • Sun, 00:34: RT @Native3rd: “Grown men can learn from very little children for the hearts of the little children are pure. Therefore, the Great Spirit m…
  • Sun, 08:59: RT @kelllicopter why do marvel movies need 3 hours to accomplish what the powerpuff girls did in 11 minutes
  • Sun, 10:47: Trump’s Pentagon chief stuns reporters with ‘incoherent briefing’ in which he declares ‘I cannot wait to leave’ @rawstory
  • Sun, 11:30: RT @LeVostreGC EMILY DICKINSON, JEDI So clumsye ys a blaster - So random - in its rage - More elegant - the saber - More civilized - the age.
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    Sun, 12:04: West Village Residents Sound Off On NYC's Stance To Keep Outdoor Dining, Say Structures Bring Excessive Noise, Trash And Rats…

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    Sat, 12:04: RT @ razibkhan More and more Americans are using term “regime” for our own government Sat, 14:47: Portland’s Take Two is On…

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    Fri, 19:40: 2 people followed me and 3 people unfollowed me // automatically checked by Fri, 20:14: RT @…

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