franklanguage (franklanguage) wrote,

Under the Overpass

My friend Josh has been homeless for several years; I just found this out last week. I'm not on FB, or I would have learned this a lot earlier.

He has a GoFundMe set up and people are doing for him what they can; please consider contributing to his GoFundMe so he can get off the streets.

[Here is the blurb from the filmmaker: "The people you never see who won't get a stimulus check. Hi Neighbors. I want to point out that there are neighbors here that you may not notice or pay any attention to. They are the homeless and they live here too. They need your help. Here is a film I made to help my friend Josh get out of this predicament. Please give and share and help others in similar situations. Thank you!"</a>]
Tags: homeless, new york city, nyc

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