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  • Wed, 18:10: RT @davidwbrown: Knock off the Champ and Major coverage. They’re good dogs who are probably adjusting to a massive change. I’m sorry if you…
  • Wed, 19:58: RT @DrinkSolaPop when ppl come up to you on the street asking if you're that guy from the internet>>>>
  • Wed, 22:53: RT @gilbertjasono Not to diminish what he did but the Beatles have like 5 love songs that describe exactly what Matt Gaetz is under investigation for
  • Wed, 22:58: RT @TribecaTrust: There is so many nefarious real estate plans afoot: Two Bridges, Seaport, Gowanus, SoHo, Governors Island, the Penn Stat…
  • Wed, 23:21: RT @rachmonroe: So: Elon is essentially taking over public resources (beaches, wildlife preserves) & other people’s property just bc he wan…
  • Wed, 23:24: RT @Anastacya_99: Just a reminder, a 17 year old girl can't: Vote. Get a credit card. Take out a loan. Rent an apartment/home. In some pla…
  • Wed, 23:26: RT @Lillysbookshelf: 🤔If we strip every god of their deity status & mystical abilities, would their life stories as humans have value on ho…
  • Wed, 23:43: RT @T_L_Seigler: @EricIdle "Every Sperm is Sacred" is a master class in musical cinematography and choreography.
  • Wed, 23:58: RT @staceyabrams: VIDEO: Thanks to the efforts of activists, organizers and allied organizations, we stopped GA Republican legislators from…
  • Wed, 23:59: RT @daveweigel: Disneyland *famously* sells passes that let you skip the lines, how did this analogy escape the writers room
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